Origin Story

How It All Began...
Like all great revolutions, CryptoMoonShot was birthed in the muddy waters of an ecosystem littered with exploitation, manipulation, and unjust circumstances that have poisoned a once prosperous community. The Binance Smart Chain (now BNB Chain) was once a place of decentralized opportunity, in which anyone could freely participate in the market without being subjected to manipulation and abuse. However, now, the casinos of Las Vegas offer better odds than BNB Chain - as bad actors in the space continue to push "pump and dump" scam projects out, one after another.
The people are being robbed blind, and to put it frankly: we are sick of it, we will not stand for it any longer! Thus, we present to you: CryptoMoonShot, a memecoin project by the people, for the people. Afterall, the people are what the scammers are after. It is us they want! It is our money - our buy power.
But what do we need them for? If they can whip together a carbon-copy, low quality project in a couple of days to lure us in for the value we bring, why can we not take the time to build something special and create value for ourselves? In turn, providing the growth, rewards, and benefits to the community - to the holders!
Exactly! We do not need them, and we can do this as a community - by us, for us!