Each and Every One of Us

While community leaders are recognized for their work in the community, it is important to remember they are still members of the community. The very nature of CryptoMoonShot is to bring value to the community, regardless of a member's tenure or role played in the community. Each and every community member's voice should be heard, the decisions made should be for the greater good, and every member should be working towards the same common goals for the community.

Recalling the mission of the community, it is important to note that we should be embracing new communities introduction to CryptoMoonShot - regardless of their experience in the DeFi markets. Continuous onboarding is a core component of the growth strategies implemented in our community and we must welcome new members with open arms; teaching and guiding them on their journey through the crypto space.

There are no boundaries to the CryptoMoonShot community, and this applies across all demographics. Geographical regions and cultural differences are no exception. Our community welcomes new members from all locations around the world, with no prejudice of native language, religion, etc. For this reason, upon the request of any international community, the team will work to provide such infrastructure for community members to congregate. At this moment in time these international communities include:


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