Our Declaration
In 2008 an entity by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto provided a solution to the financial epidemic the world was faced with: a small number of people that held much of the world's wealth manipulated a large number of people with very little wealth. This solution was called Bitcoin, but the name does not do justice to the decentralized ideology that it was founded upon. Thus evolved cryptocurrencies, an opportunity for the little guy to stand up to the powers that be - free from the chains of the previous economic systems.
Today, in 2023, we stand before you with a whirling wind of emotions; emotions that can no longer be contained or ignored. We are outraged, empathetic, and zealous - but most importantly: strangely proud of the circumstances on, and the state of, the BNB Chain today.


Outraged! We are outraged with the centralization and deceit that has plagued investors across all corners of this ecosystem. Malevolent forces have manipulated each and every one of us, time and time again, to monetize and extract our wealth. A rage burns deep inside all of us, as we watch "teams" continue to raise hundreds of thousands to millions of our dollars, only to run off leaving us drowning in a sea of empty promises.


Empathetic of those around us, as we bear witness to our friends and colleagues in this space being devastated over and over again, by the same people exploiting us on a colossal level. While our own anger can be overwhelming, it is subsided by the utter pain experienced by being presented with the financial ruin, decay, and misery that surrounds us.


Zealous? Zeal would be an understatement, and the driving force of why we are here today. The rage and pain that has opened our eyes has driven us to seek solutions to the problems that exist, and these solutions are not complicated at the core. Rather they are very familiar to each and every one of us - they are the reason we came here in the first place: decentralization and trustlessness.


Which leads to the strange emotion we are feeling, and this is pride. Pride in the wake up call that we have been given; pride in the fact that we care enough to make a difference; and pride in knowing that we, as a community, have the capacity to change this. These circumstances can be changed, and the state of the BNB Chain can be repaired. It can be repaired right now!
This is a call to arms for the community! Individuals and organizations have used their wealth to attract our buy power, funding marketing campaigns that mislead and deceive us, resulting in their raising of our funds. They take our money, then disappear… leaving us in the dust wondering when we will see the potential growth they have fraudulently suggested would come. But why would we allow this? After all, it is our money they are after!
Knowing this, we have concluded that the BNB Chain needs a saviour. But no one person or entity can save us, rather we must do this together, as a community. We must save ourselves, and this is what CryptoMoonShot represents - the very foundation it rests upon. Now is the time for us to stand up, and use our buy power to benefit us - to start a revolution! For the people, by the people!
We do not ask you to invest, we do not ask you to buy anything; instead, we ask you to join the cause. Become a part of the community and observe. Share your thoughts and your sentiments on how we can better this place we all call home, because without you we cannot do it. Afterall, the greatest asset is the cumulative total of each and every one of us… that is why they desire us. Think not what the community can do for you, but what you can do for the community. Because as we benefit the community, in turn we benefit ourselves as one cohesive unit.